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For Entrepreneurs & Businesses

99.9% up time reliable email hosting, backup, archiving and Tier 1 support, Wireless Concierge services, International Travel Planning & Support, Internet Firewall Design/Setup and much more...

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For Individuals

Personal Computer Design, Setup & Backup Strategy, Personal Computer Networking Design/Setup, Wireless Technology Selection, eMail Systems Design & Wireless Mobilization and much more...

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Microsoft Exchange Services

By upgrading to the world’s most popular business messaging software, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 or 2013, you can significantly raise your team’s efficiency for a small monthly fee...

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Healthcare & HIPPA

Get the essential IT services that maximize cost efficiency and productivity for your employees while offering the highest levels of privacy and security to protect patient data as mandated through HIPAA...

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“Some guys grow up under the hood of a car, on a ball field, or in front of a video game. Not me. I was building radios. I’ve always had a passion for all things wireless and telephonic.”

Robert Tarleton

Over 30 years of experience

with wireless technology, computer software, email and telecommunications

For the last ten years, I’ve worked for some of the largest wireless telecom carriers, delivering complex wireless mobilization solutions to large corporate customers. Today, I’ve taken the sum of the parts and brought it down to the individual user
and small office space.

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Area of Expertise

What I can provide you

I cater to individuals and celebrities, as well as professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses of various sizes.

Work with you to find, setup and use a wireless system.

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Advanced all in one email solution for businesses of all sizes.

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Acquisition, setup, hosting and management of your custom domain.

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99.9% up time reliable email hosting, backup, archiving and Tier 1 support.

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I offer the full range of Office 365 products and services.

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Compliant Archiving for Security and Regulated Industries.

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Help you get the maximum utility from your Iphone/Blackberry device.

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How important is email to you, your business, your brand?

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Virtualization of Your eMail, Wireless & Technology Systems.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Q.What is a “Personal Technology Consultant”?

I believe that certain individuals and small businesses need the services I offer. Successful and busy individuals want to establish a relationship with a trusted advisor whom they can call to address technological glitches quickly and effectively. For this reason I have added the adjective “personal” to my title –Personal Technology Consultant. Lots of people hang out the “consultant” shingle. Lots of “consultants” work exclusively with corporations or large businesses. I want to meet the needs of the successful entrepreneur, professional, start-up business, or individual, who desire the ease and effectiveness of a personalized service.

Q.Do you do everything?

I can successfully tackle many types of technological issues, but of course no one can do everything. I will assess your needs and refer you on if it does not seem that my skill set is the best fit for you.

Q.What if you can’t fix it?

Sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut eni minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip exea commodo consequat aute irure dolor.

Q.What if I don’t know the first thing about technology?

If you are fairly unknowledgeable about this whole area, then I am probably ‘your guy.’ I enjoy helping individuals choose a system that is right for them, setting it up, and maintaining and upgrading it. I don’t need to use lots of techno-lingo to get my point across. As proof of this fact, my mother-in-law thinks I’m terrific at explaining how her VCR works!

Q.How much do you cost?

Time is money. I can typically accomplish in an hour what it might take a lay person 4 hours to do. As a consultant, I also can’t bill the standard 40 hours a week that the typical salaried individual receives. It’s the nature of the business. I have hourly rates for individuals and businesses with typical one hour minimums for my time. I can quote per project rates and retainer rates. We can discuss rates for ‘after hour calls’ if this is necessary.

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